You never know too much

Finance professor Francisco López-Lubián is as passionate about finance as he is about the cinema. By the way, he’s not only a finance professor, he’s actually the head of the finance area at IE Business School. He’s also worked for the finance industry for quite some time. But most of all he just loves films.
That’s why we decided to cast him as the main character in a finance crime movie entitled “You Never Know Too Much,” as you can see in this trailer for the film. Don´t miss his references to films like The Godfather, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or Amores Perros, not to mention The man who knew too much… Enjoy.
P.S. For a finance bio of Prof. López-Lubian please click here.

Citizen Neringa

When I first talked with Qualitative Methods Professor Neringa Kalpokaite about shooting a video for the other side series, she explained how she uses qualitative methods to evaluate quantitative surveys. Hence it seemed natural to talk about politics and the way we vote.

For my part, once again I found myself drawing on the Orson WellsJoseph Cotten partnership for inspiration, not only because they did such great things together, but also because Joseph Cotten happened to be married to one of my grandmother’s cousins, Patricia Medina, an actress too. That’s why it seemed so fitting to have Citizen Kane as a mental backdrop for this video. Shouldn’t we all try to be good citizens? You have to agree that if we were all conscientious citizens we would be much better off…

Professor Kalpokaite studied politics and has developed a model for regime transitions based on the Spanish transition from dictatorship to democracy. She is young, knowledgeable. and most of all good company.

Perfect Crime

In this video, “Perfect Crime,” a police detective (Law Prof. Swinsick) interrogates the cousin (Marketing Prof. Sinha) of an alleged serial killer, named Karan, in order to understand the killer’s mind and predict his next move.
The detective comments that we are all curious to know whether “the perfect crime” is possible or not – because if it is in fact possible, then we all want to commit it. In the end, he concludes, we are all killers. The cousin hints that Karan might be able to commit the ultimate marketing crime. Watch the video and find out what happened! And don´t miss what Prof. Sinha says about psychopathy and marketing!

P.S.: You might not be aware of the fact that around 2% of world population suffers from psychopathic tendencies. In fact, lawyers are the second most “psychopathic” lot in the world (after CEOs), according to Kevin Dutton’s book “The Wisdom of Psychopaths.

The Fourth Man

When I went for a coffee with Arbitration and International Commercial Law Professor Justin Swinsick to get to know him a bit better and talk about what kind of video we could come up with together, he told me he was going to Vienna with an IE student team to attend an international law competition. The first thing that came into my head when he mentioned Vienna was the film “The Third man”, and when I suggested that as a theme for the video he answered right away that he loved Orson Wells, and that film in particular.

I don’t remember exactly how the title “The Fourth Man” occurred to me. Anyway, it was clear that we both wanted to render some sort of homage to the film, whose screen-play was the work of a writer we also enjoy and admire, namely Graham Green. I have to say that Prof. Swinsick gave an excellent performance, staying in character the whole time. I am sure that when he teaches, he is every bit as eloquent.

I really hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did making it. Check out Prof. Swinsick’s intelligent insights into “The Fourth Man” as he talks about law and justice, and truth and love.

Photo Professor Justin Swinsick in

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