Not Knowing

In this video Steven d’Souza, Professor of Leadership, Diversity and Social Capital at FT-IE Corporate Alliance (FT-IE CLA), throws out the thought-provoking idea that we place too much emphasis on what we know rather than on what we don’t know…And maybe that’s what brought about the current economic crisis. Prof. D’Souza says that we have to look at the unknown as if it were a source of all kinds of possibilities, because that’s precisely what it is.

Steven is the author of three international bestselling books on diversity and networking published by Prentice Hall. His first book, “Made in Britain,” featured role models from diverse communities in the UK and was available free for schools through sponsors. He presented it in person to HRH Prince Charles. His second book, “Brilliant Networking,” has been translated into several languages and was featured by The Independent in their “Success at Work” series. This video takes its title from his third book, “Not Knowing”, which he co- authored with Diana Renner. Steven D’Souza and Diana Renner scooped the top award with the book at the CMI Management Book of the Year Awards, and I can tell you it was well deserved. In fact, skip the video and read the book 😉

4 Visions: CMYK

Four visions, Four professors address two issues – what could be considered the most important management subject, and whether the world is seeing a shift in its center of gravity.

As you probably know, CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, namely the four base ink colors.
In offset and digital printing the CMYK ink colors are applied to the paper in successive layers. By overlapping the four colors in varying concentrations a huge number of other colors can be created. As a result, the combined visual effects of the four CMYK colors produce what we commonly call full color printing.
I believe that the visions of the four professors featured in this video serve in much the same way as “base colors” for developing thought in the field of management. They basically address two issues – what could be considered the most important management subject, and whether the world is seeing a shift in its center of gravity. Prof. de l´Etraz disagrees with Dean Iniguez, and Prof. D´Souza disagrees with Dean Boehm. It seems that agreement is just not their thing… Check out what they have to say!!!

All four Professor along with Ioschka fischer, Malcom Gladwell… were present at The Korean World Knowledge Forum 2012

Talking to strangers

When Professor of Leadership, Diversity and Social Capital Steven D´Souza told me on the phone that he wanted to go to the London Olympic village in Stratford to talk to strangers, my immediate thought was that I was that first stranger. I had never met him before. Then, for no reason, or maybe because I also play tennis, the film “Strangers on a train” popped into my mind. The main character in the film is an amateur tennis player named Guy Haines who meets a stranger, Bruno Anthony, who is already familiar with Guy’s marital problems thanks to gossip items in the newspapers. At some point, Bruno tells Guy about his idea for the perfect “Criss-cross” murder(s): he will kill Guy’s unfaithful wife and in exchange, Guy will kill Bruno’s father. Since both were strangers to one another, unconnected, there would be no identifiable motive for the crimes and thus no suspicion.

Well, Prof. Steven D´Souza and myself did finally met each other in London, and met other strangers (a Czech Olympic volunteer and a South African Olympic athlete.) I am happy to say we never plotted to kill anyone… but only talk about the importance of meeting strangers to strengthen social capital.

Photo Professor Steven D’Souza in

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