Mitsouko sounds like the kind of name that would belong to a goddess. Actually it’s a perfume created by Jacques Guerlain in 1919 which is still on sale in shops today. But more importantly, it’s also the name of Vincent Doyle’s dog.

When I first contacted IE business media and cultural studies professor Vincent Doyle, he suggested that we center on his dog to illustrate his field of research. He’s concerned about how minorities like immigrants, LGBTs, etc., are treated. Apparently, greyhounds like Mitsouko are their own particular kind of minority among abandoned dogs.

It’s always a pleasure to speak with Prof. Doyle, be it about dogs or anything else …


When I first talked to International Relations Professor Mario Esteban back in March about shooting this video, he already knew what he wanted to do, and that was to dive with sharks. I wasn’t surprised because he is one of the most determined people I’ve ever met. However, sharks are sharks, right?!!! Hence, a few months passed until we finally got to the Valencia Oceanographic Aquarium. I hope you enjoy the result.

Prof. Esteban says that a lack of knowledge about other nations, other cultures, or sharks in this particular case, can often produce negative stereotypes and a fear of the unknown. That’s why he always tries to look at things in depth, to get a proper idea of what they are really about.

I’m speaking from personal experience, seeing as I had the pleasure of having him as professor when I took a degree in Asian Studies. I’ve also wandered around the back streets (Hutongs) of Beijing with him, looking for cheap films, and other weird and wonderful stuff. He is knowledgeable, reliable, and most of all, really good fun!!!

Leading Horses

“Geranio, my horse, is the best leadership professor I ever had!” says leadership professor Pino Bethencourt Gallagher, laughing. “Because,” she adds, “when he reacts to stuff related to body movement that I don’t know about, and that other people can react to, he is showing me that there are things I still don’t know how to do.”

Prof. Bethencourt Gallagher is a highly trained international advisor whose aim is to improve the executive efficiency of economic and political leaders worldwide. She is also the author of the book “Success in Six Cups of Coffee,” which provides some very useful hints on how to improve your network skills and your professional performance.

I really believe that the lessons she draws from horses are worth hearing. Listen to what she says about leading horses and leading people. I learnt a lot, and I think you will too if you give it a try!!!

Photo Professor Pino Bethencourt Gallagher in

Social Horses

Corporate Social Responsibility Professor Joaquin Garralda talks about Social Entrepreneurship taking his daughter´s equine therapy startup as an example.

For some years now Corporate Social Responsibility Professor Joaquin Garralda and myself have shared a mutual joke. Whenever it rains, we know it’s the signal to call each other to go for a nice after-work drink. You might think we’re always having drinks because it rains so often, but don’t forget that in Spain the rain stays mainly on the plain – and it seems it never rains enough!!!

It was on one of those rainy evenings that Prof. Garralda told me his daughter Lola had set up an equine therapy firm, Equisana. He explained that horses were an excellent means to promote emotional growth for troubled youth who are otherwise therapy resistant.

Equine therapy has been shown to have many positive benefits when done properly by certified therapists. Such benefits include self-acceptance, confidence, self-efficacy, and communication.

Well, horses, social responsibility, his daughter, and Prof. Garralda’s concern for people are the subject of this video that I have the pleasure of presenting to you on what could very possibly be a rainy day…

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