The Circus

If you’re interested in all kinds of stuff and don’t know exactly what it is you want to focus on, take a look at how IE Business School Marketing Prof. Felix Muñoz handled the same situation. First, he talks here about being a kind of “professional tourist.” What does that mean exactly? Basically, instead of looking for the best positions in a company, it involves switching between companies, doing the same things, but learning from different sectors and cultures. He also makes some very interesting points about having clear boundaries. He says, for instance, that every time he joined a company he laid out the conditions, one of which was, believe it or not, that they couldn’t promote him, because if they did he would have to stop doing what he had taken so much trouble to find…
In the course of his “professional tourist life” Prof. Muñoz worked in a broad range of companies, including Cepsa, Coca Cola, and Telefónica, as a director of communication, then a marketing consultant… But what he really cares about is happily trying to make sense of this circus of a world that we live in – in keeping with his name, “Felix,” which means “happy”. Don’t miss his visit to the circus!!!

Hot Market Dog

Marketing Prof. Martin Boehm is not a market dog himself, but he loves hot dogs. In this video he explains how the market works while enjoying a hot dog in New York.

Playing a sort of devil’s advocate, he proposes that we stop for a moment to try to understand the forces that drive the market. He uses a Sanskrit concept, “Samsara,” to convey the idea that the market is just an endless cycle of desire for things we feel we need and which we think will improve our lives somehow.
It would appear that the market moves at the same speed as Prof. Boehm at the wheel of an Oranke Skualo, and that both are unstoppable…

Perfect Crime

In this video, “Perfect Crime,” a police detective (Law Prof. Swinsick) interrogates the cousin (Marketing Prof. Sinha) of an alleged serial killer, named Karan, in order to understand the killer’s mind and predict his next move.
The detective comments that we are all curious to know whether “the perfect crime” is possible or not – because if it is in fact possible, then we all want to commit it. In the end, he concludes, we are all killers. The cousin hints that Karan might be able to commit the ultimate marketing crime. Watch the video and find out what happened! And don´t miss what Prof. Sinha says about psychopathy and marketing!

P.S.: You might not be aware of the fact that around 2% of world population suffers from psychopathic tendencies. In fact, lawyers are the second most “psychopathic” lot in the world (after CEOs), according to Kevin Dutton’s book “The Wisdom of Psychopaths.

38 Flowers

Contrary to what you might think, this video isn’t about hippies with flowers in their hair, but rather a different type of flower power in the form of Bach flower therapy, explained to us here by microfinance marketing professor Maria Lopez-Escorial.

Prof. Lopez-Escorial is committed to making this world a better place. In order to achieve this she spends her time thinking about how to create and market ways to finance development projects in developing countries.

But that’s not her only passion. Some time ago one of her children had an illness that did not respond to traditional medicine, and her search for answers led her to discover Doctor Bach’s Therapy. Bach’s remedies use the healing properties of 38 flowers to treat a range of different disorders. The result of this happy discovery was that her son eventually recovered and she ended up becoming a Bach therapist.

You might also be interested to know that she’s a lovely person who really knows her stuff. Take a look at the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Photo Professor Maria Lopez Escorial in

At the speed of the orange Skualo

This is a personally very touching video for me, because Roberto Puyol, who made the Skualo, is the nephew of a very close friend of mine, Juan Manuel Samper, who recently passed away. The Skualo is a race car. Marketing Prof. Martin Boehm talks about the launching of a new product using the Skualo as an example.

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