Perfect Crime

In this video, “Perfect Crime,” a police detective (Law Prof. Swinsick) interrogates the cousin (Marketing Prof. Sinha) of an alleged serial killer, named Karan, in order to understand the killer’s mind and predict his next move.
The detective comments that we are all curious to know whether “the perfect crime” is possible or not – because if it is in fact possible, then we all want to commit it. In the end, he concludes, we are all killers. The cousin hints that Karan might be able to commit the ultimate marketing crime. Watch the video and find out what happened! And don´t miss what Prof. Sinha says about psychopathy and marketing!

P.S.: You might not be aware of the fact that around 2% of world population suffers from psychopathic tendencies. In fact, lawyers are the second most “psychopathic” lot in the world (after CEOs), according to Kevin Dutton’s book “The Wisdom of Psychopaths.