Citizen Neringa

When I first talked with Qualitative Methods Professor Neringa Kalpokaite about shooting a video for the other side series, she explained how she uses qualitative methods to evaluate quantitative surveys. Hence it seemed natural to talk about politics and the way we vote.

For my part, once again I found myself drawing on the Orson WellsJoseph Cotten partnership for inspiration, not only because they did such great things together, but also because Joseph Cotten happened to be married to one of my grandmother’s cousins, Patricia Medina, an actress too. That’s why it seemed so fitting to have Citizen Kane as a mental backdrop for this video. Shouldn’t we all try to be good citizens? You have to agree that if we were all conscientious citizens we would be much better off…

Professor Kalpokaite studied politics and has developed a model for regime transitions based on the Spanish transition from dictatorship to democracy. She is young, knowledgeable. and most of all good company.