Boxing for finance

I met Prof. Inigo Colomo at a Financieros sin Fronteras (FsF) event which, to be honest, I wasn’t pleased to attend because I had had a long day. When we shook hands nothing particularly struck me about him. Then, I had a second look to him when I happened to sit in front of him just before the conference began.  Something about his physique and the way he held himself revealed  that there was more to him than at first glance. So, we begun to talk…and the way things go, we ended up shooting this video. He is the most unassuming, charming person on earth. He’s also an amateur boxer. And he takes amazing photos.

As he says in the video, if you think boxing is hard, try raising capital for a social endeavor.  FsF wants foster micro productivity activities by supporting companies that aim to create sustainable value for companies and their environment in developing countries.