38 Flowers

Contrary to what you might think, this video isn’t about hippies with flowers in their hair, but rather a different type of flower power in the form of Bach flower therapy, explained to us here by microfinance marketing professor Maria Lopez-Escorial.

Prof. Lopez-Escorial is committed to making this world a better place. In order to achieve this she spends her time thinking about how to create and market ways to finance development projects in developing countries.

But that’s not her only passion. Some time ago one of her children had an illness that did not respond to traditional medicine, and her search for answers led her to discover Doctor Bach’s Therapy. Bach’s remedies use the healing properties of 38 flowers to treat a range of different disorders. The result of this happy discovery was that her son eventually recovered and she ended up becoming a Bach therapist.

You might also be interested to know that she’s a lovely person who really knows her stuff. Take a look at the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Photo Professor Maria Lopez Escorial in theotherphoto.blogs.ie.edu


Hey, you! As the song goes…

You don’t expect an accountancy professor to be much fun, do you? Well, the beauty of life consists of expecting the unexpected. It was an absolute pleasure to listen to Prof. Trombetta talking not only about the dark side of numbers and financial literacy, but also about one of his favorite bands, namely Pink Floyd.

Basically what happened was that I was given a crash course on the band, in Cambridge of all places, as well as brushing up on music in general. This guy loves to go around buying LPs. He bought six, and none of them was by Pink Floyd for the simple reason that he already has all of theirs.

Check out Prof. Trobetta playing the piano!!! And remember, if you need to balance your books, or just fancy a chat about music and life in general, you know who to go to…!

P.S.: Here is a recommendation: Don´t miss Searching for Sugar Man, Documentary Oscar 2013.

Photo Professor Marco Trombetta in theotherphoto.blogs.ie.edu

Do I Belong?

Community Finance Prof. Celia de Anca responds in Rabat to different questions, like Do I belong? What´s the market…

One Friday morning back in November I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and not particularly enthusiastic about life or work. You know what I mean, just one of those days. That same morning I had arranged to have coffee with community finance professor Celia de Anca. You can’t imagine how much I wanted to skip that meeting. Obviously not because of her, but because I was out of sorts. There is no denying that our state of mind is what dictates our likes and dislikes.

To cut a long story short, I dragged myself to the coffee shop and began to listen to her. She talked about how we ended up with a global economic crisis, how we have destroyed the idea that money is trust, and other burning issues. But it was not the subject that was remarkable. What was remarkable was her belief in what she was talking about. Prof. de Anca is one of those people who truly believe in changing the world. Just the fact of finding someone who still genuinely thinks that change is possible made me feel happier. And I am grateful to her for that, because that’s what life is all about, spreading and enjoying the feel-good factor at every opportunity.

Don’t miss Prof. de Anca’s answer to the question that gives the title to this piece, namely “Do I belong?” Prof. de Anca is also the author of the recently published book headed “Beyond Tribalism”.

Just in Time

Prof.of Management, Daniel Corsten explains operations systems while singing Just in Time.

Just as Just in Time could be either a very popular song or a production strategy designed to maximize business return on investment, Prof. Daniel Corsten could be either the most knowledgeable management professor around or the most enthusiastic person on earth doing what he loves to do, which happens to be singing for you. Knowledge and enthusiasm is certainly a powerful combination.

Don’t miss what he has to say about how we make decisions when we’re shopping, why supermarket shelves are organized the way they are, and why just in time is so important both in business and in life.
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Boxing for finance

I met Prof. Inigo Colomo at a Financieros sin Fronteras (FsF) event which, to be honest, I wasn’t pleased to attend because I had had a long day. When we shook hands nothing particularly struck me about him. Then, I had a second look to him when I happened to sit in front of him just before the conference began.  Something about his physique and the way he held himself revealed  that there was more to him than at first glance. So, we begun to talk…and the way things go, we ended up shooting this video. He is the most unassuming, charming person on earth. He’s also an amateur boxer. And he takes amazing photos.

As he says in the video, if you think boxing is hard, try raising capital for a social endeavor.  FsF wants foster micro productivity activities by supporting companies that aim to create sustainable value for companies and their environment in developing countries.

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